General questions
  • Download Android version from our website or play on the website loading.wimbig.com
  • Register with your Nigerian phone number
  • Select category to play.
  • Bid by entering your ticket numbers in the boxes provided. Each box must contain two digits (00).
  • Only one winner on each game played will emerge and all chances taken after a winner is randomly selected by the system becomes null and void. The system will award an auctioned item or cash to one customer whose ticket is randomly selected by the draw machine.
  • Please note: No two tickets are similar or arranged in the same order. The system will invalidate any attempt to enter two identical tickets twice in one game.
  • You can enter a valid bid by paying for your tickets through your funded Wallet. Your must be funded in order to play a valid ticket. You can top up your Wallet through Bank Transfer or Direct Debit Card Transactions, *737*, Visa QR Code.
  • When a bid is won, all users will recieve a push notification from the app.
  • Bid more to increase your chances of winning on WIMBIG (Online Raffle Auction).
  • Winners are automatically selected by the system based on best practices in random selection in order to entrench probity and accountability. No human interface.
  • Human interface is limited to a click of a button when a game is set to draw manually (semi auto).
The acceptable means of setting your stakes to wimbig are: Payment usingVISA, Master card and bank transfer.