Want to know about us?

WIMBIG platform is a registered raffle auction system of Nigerian origin. It is a Consumer Sales Promotion (CSP) application created to enable the target audience achieves their wishes in life through an auction.

We are licensed and regulated by the National lottery commission to execute our online auction system

Wimbig’s online auction system is designed to accept the predetermined amount of bids by customers on a specific item and so have the opportunity to win a product / goods advertised in an auction

Players enter any number they choose and send them with a probability of 01-99 in unique boxes for the particular category of auctions. These numbers are unique identifiers for your purchased tickets

A bidder can buy as many tickets as possible. The number of games played can be generated by the players or by the system depending on the option desired by the bidder. We are also well positioned to send our application to consumer companies, real estate, vehicle dealers and many other sectors in Nigeria, as well as to online brand agents, gifts, gifts and promotions generated by our innovative lottery auction system. Our registered trademarks and our single implementation auction are protected by copyright and trademarks, patents and designs, Commercial Law Department of the Federal Ministry of Industry, Trade and Investment in Abuja.